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Are You Spending Late Nights & Weekends In Your Auto Repair Shop?
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  • 60 pages of practical tips and knowledge
  • 5 models associated with the 4-day work week
  • Includes 4 exercises that will help you trial a 4-day work week
Within The Book
We Will Show You...
  • The 5 Different Models Associated With The 4 Day Work Week Framework
  • How To Educate Your Team & Customers So That Your Business Remains Profitable
  • How To Implement The 4 Day Work Week As A Trial In Your Auto Repair Shop
  • Our Goal: It's Simple... It's To Put You On Path To Freedom From The Business!
The Workshop Whisperer Proudly Presents...
The 4-Day Work WeekĀ 
By Workshop Whispererā„¢
The idea of working fewer days per week while maintaining productivity and profitability is just a dream for many. However, with Rachaelā€™s expert guidance, clients of The Workshop Whisperer have been able to make this their reality.

A pliable scheduling strategy, the 4 Day Work Week By Workshop WhispererĀ® framework can be implemented in many ways. The book breaks down the five standard models associated with the framework and guides auto repair shop owners on approaching trials, introducing the idea to the team, and implementing successfully.

Your new business owner lifestyle awaits!
An Auto Repair Shop Owners GuideĀ To Regain Freedom
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Some Of Our Client Wins & Successes...
...What Others Are Saying
"(Productivity) has definitely increased. We've definitely had growth over the last three years and I would absolutely attribute a lot of that to our working week because we have been so much more productive... Most people are happy to work hard and give 100% if they get a three day weekend!"
- Laura M.
"If you're not having a day off, start straight away... It has other advantages on the side. It helps build your team when you're not there because it gives them to space to be able to grow and see what gaps you've got. If you want your team to be more loyal and productive, roll it out for the team because you're going to benefit from it... There's heaps of options and different ways to do it. So it doesn't matter if you try it and the first one doesn't work. You can do it."
- Chris N.
"Go for it. Do it... That's what we say at The Workshop Whisperer. (Customers) come to us for a reason. They come to us because we're good. If they want their car done, they can only talk to us for the four days and that's it. Most people will accommodate that, and because there are extra hours, they can do it. Go for it!
- Diana & Ward L.
"Who Is Rachael & Why Should You Listen to Her?"
ā¤ Rachael Evans, The Workshop Whisperer
Coming from a sales, marketing, and mentoring background, RachaelĀ Evans has been coaching auto repair shop owners since 2014.Ā Formerly a successful auto repair shop owner herself, she got her
coaching start after the GFC when she identified a gap in the autoĀ aftermarket industry.

Rachael brought her business growth strategies and passion forĀ guiding owners to the market by establishing the first wholly onlineĀ auto-specific coaching business. She then focused on transformingĀ auto repair shops into successful enterprises, and their owners intoĀ successful businesspeople.

Rachael's goal is to help the owners of family-run businesses get theĀ lifestyle and professional success they desire. As a speaker, coach,Ā and successful businesswoman with a wealth of knowledge to offer,Ā Rachael helps repair shops across several niches reach their fullĀ potential.
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