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Have you ever wanted to know what really goes on inside our 
high-level coaching program, The Engine Room
Then we have an amazing opportunity for you to find out...



Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of June, 2023

The theme for this event will be ALL SYSTEMS GO! 
 Focussing on implementing the structure and systems needed to optimize your TIME, TEAM and giving you the TEMPLATES to make it all happen.
Allowing you to achieve the level of success you want!

If you're ready to start scaling, join us as we pull back the curtains on

Australia & New Zealand's 
#1 Business Coaching Program

for the independent automotive aftermarket industry.

There are a limited amount of
 Golden Tickets seats available for Auto Repair Shop Owners

who would like to join us for our upcoming client exclusive event. 

Don't miss your opportunity to: 
  • Learn from expert Guest Speakers as well as our world-class coaching team on how to make more money in your auto repair shop and make sure it matches your bottom line.
  • Get advice from The Workshop Whisperer Experts, CEO Rachael Evans, Co-coach Dean Evans, Head Coach Danielle Sady in a session where you can Mastermind an issue you're currently having in your auto repair shop and find the best solution to solve it. 
  • Gain confidence in our Quarterly Game Planning session to find out what you should be focusing on for the next quarter to get your auto repair shop on the road to success and walk away with your action plan to make it actually happen!
  • Experience the Engine Room hands-on and reap the benefits of what can be possible when letting our team help you get on the path to business freedom!


If you're a business owner that's;

👉 Making an avg. monthly turnover of at least         $35k/month;
👉 ​Leading a team of 2 or more;
👉 ​Committed to attending both days;
👉 ​Not currently working with another business       coach;

Complete the form below, a member of the WW team will contact you to discuss your business needs and we'll determine if you're successful in securing your Golden Ticket. 

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This is a paid event. If your application to become a Golden Ticket holder is accepted your investment for the 2 day event is $497 + GST 
Capricorn and Credit Card payments are accepted.

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The Engine Room Retreat starts in

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This Is A Must Attend Event If You Want...
 to alleviate the frustrations you have ever had in: 
  • Improving cash flow
  • ​Dealing with customer purchasing resistance
  • ​Getting the most out of your Service Advisor
  • ​Saying 'yes' to work that is not worth your time
  • ​Wanting to increase prices
  • ​Turning suggestions in to sales 
  • ​Being successful in selling to the different customer profiles
  • ​Wanting to build a team that allows you to step away as the business owner
  • ​ ​Making time to work ON the business and not IN it
  • ​Experience The Workshop Whisperer Engine Room, the #1 Coaching Program for the auto repair industry in Australia & NZ
​The Engine Room Retreat is a key milestone event in the Workshop Whisperer annual calendar. This client exclusive event features skills sessions with proven systems, strategies & insider secrets, expert guest speakers, a masterminding session, game planning for your next quarter and high-level coaching to help your business thrive. Don't miss it!
Discover how we help our clients grow their profits and win back their lifestyle!
Attend Our Exclusive CLIENT ONLY Event 👉

high performance business coaching for Auto Repair Shop Owners

The Engine Room is for you when you’ve been in business a few years, and you are looking for that edge that will see profits soar, and your team start to be autonomous.  

When these things happen, you can start to enjoy that business owner lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about all this time!

See What Our Clients Think
The Workshop Whisperer’s Engine Room Program has been absolutely life changing. This is a long-term, in-depth dive into training you in every aspect of owning and managing a profitable workshop business. Financials, metrics, process and procedure, team culture, leadership - the list goes on. These guys won’t run your business for you, but they’ll hold you up while you learn to fly. We can see the returns in our pocket, our health and our time.
- Gemma -
Rach, Dean and the team are fantastic. A wealth of knowledge in the industry. The Engine Room provides a safe and knowledgeable group of people with a common goal. The resources available are endless and the quarterly retreats are exactly what every auto business needs to kick start and realign the game plan for your business.
- Rhianna -
The team at WW are unparalleled. It’s genuinely been one of the most helpful, empowering and wonderful experiences as a business owner. We will continue to learn and grow with them as a business and as people. Thank you again to Rachael, Dean, the coaches and the whole team of people who put so much effort in to making our business better. You guys rock!
- Kelly -
After attending my first Engine Room Retreat I am excited by the content I learnt and the potential for our business in the next 90 days. I thought it was well polished and delivered exceptionally well for a virtual event with such a large group. Well done.
- Jesse -
Rachel, Dean and her team are amazing and extremely helpful. Being part of their Group connecting with many other workshops provides extensive knowledge, support and guidance to help grow our business. Anyone considering joining them will not regret!
- Kez -
Best coaches in the business. Always driving us to be better, holding us to account, our loudest cheerleader in good times and supporting us during hard times. Very grateful to have these coaches in our lives!
- Nicola -
Thank you to the Workshop Whisperer team for helping us grow and improve our business. We have noticed a significant difference in our profits, processes and business direction with the help of your guidance and advice. Highly recommend your services, courses and training to anyone in the automotive business!
- Julieanne -
If you are looking for help to grow your business Rachael and her team should be your first choice!! They know the industry very well and are amazing!! We learnt so much in the last couple of months in the webinars and one on one lessons it's incredible. Best decision what we made for our business.
- Christine -
The Workshop Whisperer team consistently provide clear, relevant and on-point information in an interactive and easy to understand way. 5 Star all the way!
- Brett & Ruth -
Discover how we help our clients grow their profits and win back their lifestyle!
Attend Our Exclusive CLIENT ONLY Event 👉
Hear What Others Are Saying
Discover how we help our clients grow their profits and win back their lifestyle!
Attend Our Exclusive CLIENT ONLY Event 👉

Meet Rachael Evans, The Workshop Whisperer

#1 Business Coach For Auto Repair Shop Owners

Having owned a mobile and then fixed workshop business, Rachael shares her wealth of knowledge with repair shop owners of all kinds from across the aftermarket.
Entrepreneurial and business minded from a young age, she began her working career in sales and marketing, and eventually moved into coaching to share her success with others.
Having tested her business growth strategies over many years, Rachael saw a gap in the market in Australia and New Zealand after the Global Financial crisis, and turned this into the first online auto specific coaching business in the industry.
Having developed a unique online training platform, she and her team are able to help any auto repair shop, in any location.

If your application to become a Golden Ticket holder is successful, your full investment for the entire event is $497 + GST
Capricorn and Credit Card payments are accepted.

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