But right now you are…

  • Working long, hard hours for what seems like very little return (if any).
  • Questioning how to attract your ideal customers.
  • Unsure how to best set up your work flows for maximum efficiency.
  • ​Confused by how to take your business to the next level.
  • ​Avoiding looking at and understanding your figures because “ignorance is bliss”.
  • ​Feeling like you keep coming up against the same challenges over & over again.

Now imagine that you are…

  • Booking customers who value the work you do, pay their invoices without hesitation & trust you as the expert.
  • Working smarter AND reaping the benefits of your hard work.
  • Clear on the work that needs to be done to take your business from strength to strength.
  • ​Confident and comfortable when looking at your financials.
  • Achieving maximum efficiency thanks to you having clear systems & processes.
  • ​Celebrating your business wins because there are more of them then there are challenges.
  • ​How good would that be?!

The Workshop Whisperer can show you
how you can do just that, and more.

This virtual event is for you if:

  • You are an auto-repair shop owner.
  • You are ready to make the changes in your business.
  • You recognise that it is time to ‘up the ante’ in life and in business.
  • ​You want to run the profitable business you dreamed of running when you first opened your doors.

What people are saying...

“Pure brilliance! These events are a goldmine of knowledge and self discovery. You managed to keep us all on the edge of our seats for the entire two day event, not an easy thing to do. It's safe to say that without The Workshop Whisperer, I would probably have lost my marbles long ago, flailing my arms thinking I was running a business, but in fact the business was running me.”

- Phil, Ballarat Auto-Repair Shop Owner

"Any one who ever has doubts regarding bang for buck of these events, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!! This is our fourth event & content is always new, up to date with the market & we walk away with pages & pages of new things we want to implement, ideas or challenges that we have been able to work through. Never ever would we recommend missing one of The Workshop Whisperer events...EVER!”

- Megan & Adam, Newcastle Auto-Repair Shop Owners 

“The Workshop Whisperer offers so much assistance with steering the business, not just the cars!!!”

- Dion & Amanda Clayton, DRC Automotive 

Was an absolutely awesome session. Came away feeling so clear and motivated!

- Bek & Trent Jackson, Bussleton Auto Repairs

This value-packed, online event includes:

  • A whole day of business education from The Workshop Whisperer coaches; Rachael Evans & Dean Evans. Timings are: 9am - 5pm AEDT / 8am - 4pm AEST / 8.30am - 4.30pm ACT / 6am - 2pm AWST /
    11am - 7pm NZ / 2pm - 10pm PST / 5pm - 1am EST
  • Access to industry specific education to help your business grow faster.
  • A physical work book posted out to you for maximum learning impact. Please note, to receive a hard copy of the workbook, you need to be registered by Friday 22nd January 2021. Anyone who registered after this date will receive a digital copy of the workbook.
  • ​Two tickets so you can bring along your business or life partner (perhaps even a trusted member of your team) to learn along with you.

INVESTMENT = $297 inc tax

This event is made possible thanks to our event sponsors
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